Datasheet View for Picture Library

I love metadata, so it’s always annoying when I am suddenly not able to bulk update items in SharePoint. The Picture Library doesn’t come with a datasheet view option. How to get around this?

This URL: htps://SHAREPOINT/sites/SiteCollection/Images/Forms/BatchEdit.aspx?ShowInGrid=True&View=%7BDCBF7E0E%2D60C2%2D4555%2D91C2%2DB086EE2F9FA1%7D&InitialTabId=

Well almost. Keep this part. Change this part.

First create a view in your picture library that doesn’t have any thumbnails, but does have the columns you want to edit. Put the URL for that view in the part before the “?”

Find the guid for your view. I do that by opening the view in SharePoint Designer, clicking on the WebPartPages web part, and finding the ViewGuid. (If you have an easier way to do this, please share!)

Your guid will look something like this: {DCBF7E0E-60C2-4555-91C2-B086EE2F9FA1}

Replace: { with %7B    – with %2D    and } with %7D

The guid should now look like this: %7BDCBF7E0E%2D60C2%2D4555%2D91C2%2DB086EE2F9FA1%7D and will replace this part of the URL:


You’ll now be able to use this URL to access the picture library in datasheet view.


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