Checking User Group Membership in Nintex Workflow

I don’t do much with Nintex yet. If I’m able to do my processing with the SharePoint Designer Workflow I will. Unfortunately one thing that can’t be done in SharePoint Designer (OTB) is check if a user belongs to a SharePoint Group. It’s not that straight-forward in Nintex either. Tom O’Connor at CUBE4 wrote a great post instucting exactly how to do it: Nintex: Checking if a user is a member of a SharePoint group.


Create New List Item with Lookup Fields in Workflow

List A and List B both have a lookup field against List C. You’d like to have a workflow so that an entry in List A will generate an entry in List B setting the value of the lookup field from one to the other. However you’re getting the error: “Coercion Failed: Unable to transform the input lookup data into the requested type.”


The key is to get the ID of the field from the lookup table. Even though the field you use in the lookup table is the Title, or something else, the value you’re using to set it with will be the ID from the table.


Paused Workflow Failed to Run

It’s so rare to find the exact description of your issue AND its resolution in the same place. A big thank you to YBBEST for giving me the answer.