SharePoint Red X for Images

I use images in wiki pages all the time. Suddenly, when I went to my wiki posts, I was seeing a red X instead of my images. I had a co-worker browse the site and they were able to see the image. Then I discovered, if I changed my host file to point from one Web Front End to the other, one WFE would give me images the other wouldn’t.



These images are in the content database. There should be no reason for one WFE to serve the image while the other doesn’t. Except, we use  BLOB caching. I went into the offending server’s blob cache directory and found the image files (do not just delete the root folder!) and deleted them. Alternately, I could have flushed the blob cache. After an IISRESET, the WFE served up the images again.

I needed to delete the Temporary Internet files on my local machine as well to once again see the images.


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