Get AD Group Member Users

Script pulls data from a group on the Exchange Domain and looks up user information in the Users domain. User name and email address are output to CSV file.

# -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Script: Get-ADGroupMemberUsers.ps1
# Author: Heather Van De Sande
# Date: 01/08/2013
# Keywords: PowerShell, Active Directory
# Comments: Recursively pull users from an Exchange Group and retrieve User information
#            from User Domain
# -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
Import-module ActiveDirectory
# Useful for finding the server information for below variables
#Get-ADDomain -Identity ""
#Get-ADDomain -Identity "" 
$strExchangeServer = "EXCHSV-DC1.EXCH.CORP.XX.COM"
$strUserServer = "USERSV-DC1.USER.CORP.XX.COM"
$strOutPutCSVFile = "C:\Temp\HR_All_Staff.csv"
$strParentGroupName = "HR All Staff"

$strParentGroupID = Get-ADGroup -Filter {Name -eq $strParentGroupName} -Server $strExchangeServer | Select DistinguishedName
$strMembers = Get-ADGroupMember -Identity $strParentGroupID.DistinguishedName -Server $strExchangeServer -Recursive
$strUsers = @()
foreach ($strMember in $strMembers){
    $strUsers += Get-ADUser -Identity $strMember.DistinguishedName -Server $strUserServer -Properties DisplayName,EmailAddress | Select DisplayName,EmailAddress
$strUsers | Export-Csv -Path $strOutPutCSVFile -NoTypeInformation

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