Copy Attachments between Lists

This is probably not the most elegant solution, but since the lists in question only had 65 items with attachments, coming up with an elegant code solution would take more time than this “brute” method.

Using the Designer, the attachments can be found in the All Files > Lists > LISTNAME > Attachments folder. The folders are by the item ID.

I created a spreadsheet to correlate the Item ID in the old list to the Item ID in the new list. So I would know that the attachment for Joe Cool in the first list (Item ID 12) would now be Item ID 76 in the new list. Now for the brute method: Open Designer for both lists in two windows. In the new list, if it doesn’t already exist, create a folder with the name of the new item number (in this example it’s 76). Then you can just drag and drop the documents between folders.


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