Copy Users between SharePoint Groups

I had a situation where I needed to create a new site and copy over specific groups from the old site. The groups had already been created using another script. Thanks to Justin Kobel (the smartest person I personally know) for helping me with this script.

$allGroups = (“Eastern Mountain Contributors”, “Eastern Mountain Visitors”, “Salt River Contributors”, “Salt River Visitors”)
$fromWeb = ‘https://WEBAPP/sites/SITEA’
$toWeb = ‘https://WEBAPP/sites/SITEB’
foreach ($group in $allGroups){
Write-Host “Group: $group”
$users = Get-SPUser -Web $fromWeb -Group $group | Select-Object LoginName
foreach ($user in $users){
New-SPUser –UserAlias $user.LoginName –web $toWeb
Set-SPUser -Identity $user.LoginName -Group $group -Web $toWeb

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