Get all Users in AD Group

UPDATE: Expanded script can be found here, where I needed to do this with the group being in the exchange domain and user information in a separate domain.

Recently I had a request to list all users to a particular site – due to the unique nature of the site and the provisioning of those user accounts, those users are all members of an AD group (the AD group is then added to a SharePoint Group.)

Thanks to “Query for User Accounts in Active Directory with PowerShell” I was able to get onto the right track.

“Import-module ActiveDirectory” provides cmdlets that let you manage Active Directory domains.

I first pulled up all the information for a user I knew belonged to that group.

Get-ADUser -Filter {Surname -eq “Lastname”} -SearchBase ” DC=AD,DC=COMPANY,DC=COM ” -properties *

Looking at the MemberOf property, I was able to get the entire identity I needed for the Get-ADGroupMember cmdlet.

I created this script to retrieve the Display Name and Email Address for all members of the “Site_SP_Visitors” Group. List is then piped to a CSV file.

Get-ADGroupMember -Identity “CN=
Site_SP_Visitors,OU=Groups,OU=ZYG,OU=LKJS,OU=XYZ_Users,DC=AD,DC=COMPANY,DC=COM” | Get-ADUser -Properties DisplayName,EmailAddress | Select DisplayName,EmailAddress | Export-CSV “C:\temp\


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