User Profile Properties Not Updating

The User Profile Properties are supposed to update from Active Directory. However, even after doing a full synchronization without error, these fields are not updating.

During the call with Microsoft Support, we did the following:

  • Verified permissions for [SharePoint Synch Service Account] on AD
  • Ran powershell:
    $sa = Get-SPServiceApplication “22d9f0c2-3828-410d-99c4-5fbd7379e199”
    $sa.NetBIOSDomainNamesEnabled = 1
  • Ran Full Synchronization while monitoring with Forefront Identity Manager miisclient. This would result in the following error:
  • Disabled the My Site Cleanup Job.
  • Stopped/Started User Profile Service
  • Stopped/Started User Profile Synchronization Service
  • Created a new User Profile Service Application with the following configuration:
    Name: User Profile Service Application XXYY
    Pool: UserProfilePoolXXYY Pool Account: [SharePoint Synch Service Account]

    Profile Database: Profile DB XXYY
    Synchronization Database: Sync DB XXYY
    Social Tagging Database: Social DB XXYY
    Site Naming Format: Domain and user name (will not have conflicts)

  • New Synchronization Connection
    Connection Name: [DOMAIN]
    Type: Active Directory
    Connection Settings
    • Forest name: [FORREST]
    • Domain controller name: [DOMAIN].[FORREST]
    • Authentication Provider Type: Windows Authentication
    • Account Name: [SharePoint Synch Service Account]
    • Port: 389

    Containers: Everything under [DOMAIN]

Note: Even setting the existing User Profile Service Application to these settings did not resolve the Replication Access Denied error. Only the new application would run without error.

  • Configure Service Application Associations for MySite Web Application:

The Microsoft Tech recommended leaving the old instance of the User Profile Service Application and its databases alone for now. After all these changes, the user profiles are now being updated from Active Directory – these changes are reflected in MySites as well. Users who had tags and their picture in their MySite needed to add their customizations back. Documents uploaded to MySites were not affected.


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