Update Permission Set

I needed to create a script to update two permission sets throughout my farm:

$allWebApps = ("https://WEBAPP1.COM", "https://WEBAPP2.COM")
function fnUpdatePermSet {
    #Get the root Web site of the site collection.
    # Use the RoleDefinitions property of the SPWeb class to get the collection of role definitions for a Web site. Use an indexer to return a single item from the collection.
    # Use the BasePermissions property of the SPRoleDefinition class to set the base permissions for a role definition.
    # Use the Update Method of the SPRoleDefinition class
foreach ($siteUrl in $allWebApps){
   Write-Host "$siteUrl";
   $rootSite = New-Object Microsoft.SharePoint.SPSite($siteUrl);
   $spWebApp = $rootSite.WebApplication;
   foreach($SPSite in $spWebApp.Sites){
      #Get site collection
      $site = Get-SPSite $SPSite
      Write-Host $site
      $roleName = "Edit-Add";
      $rolePerms = "ViewListItems,AddListItems,EditListItems,OpenItems,ViewVersions,ViewFormPages,Open,ViewPages,BrowseDirectories,BrowseUserInfo,UseRemoteAPIs,UseClientIntegration,CreateAlerts,ManagePersonalViews";
      $roleName = "Add Only";
      $rolePerms = "ViewListItems,AddListItems,OpenItems,ViewVersions,ViewFormPages,Open,ViewPages,BrowseDirectories,BrowseUserInfo,UseRemoteAPIs,UseClientIntegration,CreateAlerts,ManagePersonalViews";

      #Dispose of the site object

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