Export/Import Sub-Site with PowerShell

Thanks to Russ Ramirez’s SharePoint Blog for providing me with the answer I needed.  From his post, SPWeb move or clone in PowerShell, I was able to come up with the following script.

$backup = "E:\Backup\20120104_BACKUP.cmp"
$siteName = "SITE NAME"
Get-SPWeb $moveFrom | Select-Object -Property WebTemplate, Configuration
# !! Based on the results of the Get-SPWeb, update the next line for Template (Concat WebTemplate + "#" + Configuration)
New-SPWeb -Url $moveTo -Template STS#0 -Name $siteName -Description $siteDesc
Export-SPWeb $moveFrom -Path $backup -IncludeVersions All -Verbose -CompressionSize 100000000
Import-SPWeb $moveTo -Path $backup -Force

One Response to Export/Import Sub-Site with PowerShell

  1. ester4press says:

    I just used this to correct the misplacement of a site internally and it worked great. Nice work!

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