Name Template Returns “NaN”

In ShareVis, linking a Name Template to a Form, I’ve found that it’s best to let the Form create the Name Template and then modify it in the Process.  I’ve struggled with creating it in the Process first and then adding it to the Form.


Once that’s working though, I ran into trouble with the number showing up as “NaN”.  “NaN” means Not A Number. 


Which would make sense if my field was a Whole Number (integer), but it’s Text (string).  I’ve checked it over and over.  And then I realized it used to be a number.  When I was first adding the fields, I had made it a number and then later changed it to text.  However, something was still treating it like a number in the form view.  I deleted and readded the field. Then reset the ShareVis.FormName custom control to the new field.  Then republished the form and the process.



One Response to Name Template Returns “NaN”

  1. PrashanthSpark says:

    Hello i tried adding Sharevis.Url Control twice to display Help & Customercare Links in my infopath form.
    I am able to add only one sharevis.url control & it works. the moment i bring in another control , it throws error & not able to compile.

    Please let me know solutions for this sharevis.url

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