Do you use ShareVis?

I’m forming a user discussion group for ShareVis. Please come join if you use ShareVis.

ShareVis Discussion
Visit this group

4 Responses to Do you use ShareVis?

  1. Amy Gabaldon says:

    I am just starting out with ShareVis!
    and am hoping to gain some insight—–

  2. Anonymous says:

    terrible application. ton of bugs

  3. Tim says:

    Discussion group is useless since all it has is link to spam.

  4. PrashanthSpark says:

    Offcourse this sharevis is terrible application. ton of bugs.
    I was unable to invoke Sharevis.Lookup nor Sharevis.Query
    though it has Options
    Run at Start
    Run at End
    Run when field changes

    It doesnt invoke this start not end options
    Good for nothing when we have business case to display user department/phone using ldap query. i used sharevis.query .. it fails & landed me into all sorts of R&D.

    sadest part is approach we design is very tediuos in sharevis & no one to help on this.

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