Adding ShareVis to My Bag o’ Tricks

I spent the last week at our office in Carlsbad, New Mexico getting trained up on ShareVis. ShareVis is a workflow designer for SharePoint. I’m really excited to dig in and start creating workflows and forms. They don’t have their community site set up, so I’ll start here by sharing my experiences. Right now I’m just trying to shake off the weekend and remember where I was.


6 Responses to Adding ShareVis to My Bag o’ Tricks

  1. Prashanth says:

    Can i get freeware of sharevis to have hands-on.


  2. Anonymous says:


    good idea !!!
    I am also working on Sharvis form Last 4 months.


  3. jaganinfo says:

    HI Prashanthspark,
    Please mail me i will give you lot of sharevis tutorials or you can download from sharevis website. its free…free

    • Shane Hughes says:

      I am working on ShareVis also, could you e-mail me the tutorials and any forms/workflows? I am looking for more educational material. Thank you! Great information!

      • Hi: I know this is an old post, but I was wondering if you still had copies of the tutorials. I just recently got ShareVis installed, but now in looking for tutorials all I can find is that the company has been bought. Not sure how much of any new tutorials would be applicable to the old version. Thanks!

  4. Rick Sather says:

    Looking for tutorials and formal training that I can enroll in in the Minneapolis area. ANY assistance would be appreciated!!!!!

    THANKS – Rick

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