GroupBoard Workspace: Bad

I’ve encountered two problems since installing the Microsoft GroupBoard Workspace. One was causing the week-view of the calendar to give an error. The second was anytime I tried to add a content database, I’d get the error:

The specified SPContentDatabase Name=SharePoint_Content Parent=SPDatabaseServiceInstance has been upgraded to a newer version of SharePoint. Please upgrade this SharePoint application server before attempting to access this object.

There was nothing in SharePoint to upgrade, we’ve already installed the most up-to-date service packs. I found that the problem was the GroupBoard Workspace. Once I un-installed it, as suggested by GPK2005 on the Microsoft TechNet forum, I was able to add my content database without issues.

Thank you GPK2005.


3 Responses to GroupBoard Workspace: Bad

  1. John says:

    How are you keeping up with reading all your comments on this fantastic blog?

  2. sharepointdiva says:

    Obviously it’s easy when I only have the one smart-ass Aussie as my audience. Where’s your blog? HMMM?

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