I’ll be spending a great deal of my Monday learning how to customize the themes and master pages on SharePoint.

CSS Hacks for SharePoint Design

Lately, I am doing lot of design work for a client redesigning their MOSS Intranet solution. I found my self fiddling around with Master Pages, Page Layouts and CSS files more often. During this journey I came across lot of the handy resources, which helped me along the way!

The coolest thing I’ve done today thanks to this blog:

Media Player Web Part

This webpart allows you to play avi, mpg and wmv files with in your MOSS site.

But then in the comments, Daniel A (unfortunately with no link for me to trackback to) wrote:

Rather than going through this heart ache, just add a content editor web part and use the below HTML

<OBJECT id=”VIDEO” CLASSID=”CLSID:6BF52A52-394A-11d3-B153-00C04F79FAA6″ type=”application/x-oleobject”>

       <PARAM NAME=”URL” VALUE=”/Docs/[Your Document Library]/[folder]/[your file.wmv]”>

       <PARAM NAME=”animationatStart” VALUE=”true”>

       <PARAM NAME=”transparentatStart” VALUE=”true”>

       <PARAM NAME=”SendPlayStateChangeEvents” VALUE=”True”>

       <PARAM NAME=”AutoStart” VALUE=”false”>

       <PARAM name=”uiMode” value=”full”>


Which I did as well, and it was sweet! I love it when things work exactly as described. Especially on a rainy brain-deadened Friday.


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